Mr. Rose is a frequent participant in conferences, forums, etc.; and the texts of some of his talks are available below in printer-friendly PDF format:

General Interest

America in the 21st Century
Philanthropy vs. Charity - America's Third Sector
Water and Books for Ghana
Development Challenges for Africa
Capitalism Today - Triumphs and Challenges
Restoring Trust, Confidence, and Hope

Message, Messenger, Audience

You Didn't Build That Alone
Pat Moynihan--Where Are You When We Really Need You?
Times That Try Men's Souls (Bard)

"Denial" in American Life
The Morning After
Quo Vadis Redux II (Wharton)
Quo Vadis Redux I (Yale)
The American Philanthropic Tradition
My Brother's Keeper

Fighting Alligators vs. Draining the Swamp
Black and White in the New Century (Yale)
Speaking with Iran


As America Looks Ahead (Yale)
Toward a New Black American Narrative
The Biggest Bang for the Buck

Making a Living, Making a Life (M.I.T)
Secrets of Real Estate Development (Columbia)
Eulogy at the Funeral of Alfred Baruth
Horace Mann—The 1940’s
Little Acorns, Great Oaks


The Complete Life
Walking With the Good Guys
Again - National Realty Club

Urban Affairs

On Receiving the NY Building Congress Rudin Award for Public Service
On Receiving P.A.L.'s Lifetime Achievement Award-October 11th, 2011
Data, Knowledge, Wisom (NYU)
New York/London--Comparable, Complementary, Competitive
New York—Today and Tomorrow (ULI—June 2009)
Evolving New York (ULISeptember 2004)
Good Cities vs. Great Cities
Concluding Panel—Servicing the Global City
Servicing the Global City (Harvard)
Real Estate: Evolution of an Industry (Cornell)
The Theology of Rent Control (Yale)

Jewish Subjects

Judaism—A Personal View

Chazak Chazak

Food and Wine

Talleyrand Entertains Metternich at the Congress of Vienna

Preface—Vintage Book of Wine


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Frederick P. Rose

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